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Birthdate:Mar 7

Jackie [Jax]. Nineteen. Australian. Brunette. Pisces. Fangirl. Slasher. Klutz. Gay. Often called adorable. Geek. Loves music. Tries to write. Plays with photoshop. Plans to study IT. Watches too much TV. Loves candy. Gets hyper on too much sugar.

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Supernatural; Sam/Dean - Dean/Cas | Leverage; Hardison/Eliot - Hardison/Parker - Hardison/Eliot/Parker | Merlin; Arthur/Merlin | RPS; j2 - Jared Padalecki/CMM - Michael Rosenbaum/Tom Welling - Christian Kane/Steve Carlson | Chuck | Psych; Shawn/Lasiter | NCIS; Tony/Ziva - McGee/Abby


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